Original Xiaomi Mijia Smart Camera
Original Xiaomi Mijia Smart Camera
Original Xiaomi Mijia Smart Camera
Original Xiaomi Mijia Smart Camera
Original Xiaomi Mijia Smart Camera
Original Xiaomi Mijia Smart Camera

Original Xiaomi Mijia Smart Camera

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  • Brand Name: xiaomi
  • Max Speed: Xiaomi Mijia Smart Camera 720P
  • Features: Slot
  • Control Channels: 2 Channels
  • State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go
  • Model Number: Xiaomi Mijia Camera Cradle Head Version
  • Scale: 1:5
  • Gyro: Xiaomi Mi Mijia Night Vision Webcam IP
  • Item Name: Xiaomi Mijia Smart Camera Cradle Head Version
  • Function: ip camera
  • Weight: 600g
  • Item Code: XM067
  • Feature A: 720P Full HD resolution
  • Feature B: 360-degree ultra wide angle lens
  • Feature C: 2.4G / 5G dual frequency Wi-Fi
  • Feature D: 10 meters infrared night vision range
  • Feature E: Smart Chat Camera
  • Features: Remote Control

360 ° viewing angle | 720P resolution | Infrared night vision | Mute motor | Motion detection | Inverted installation




360 ° pan/tilt panoramic detection, really give home a comprehensive care

Mi home smart camera with double motorhead, can be free up and down around the horizontal, horizontal viewing angle of 360 °, a vertical viewing angle of 115 °;

Minimize shooting dead ends for panorama monitoring.


Can be flip-chip design

Feel free to install any corner of the house

Comes with a screw-in base accessories, easy to operate, support flip, side upright and other installation methods; not only can be placed in the home of the desktop, windowsill, bed, you can also flip on the roof, any location on the wall The



Motion detection, do not miss any trouble at home

Different time guarding different directions can customize the care time and angles, such as detection of abnormal dynamic changes, real-time recording 10 seconds video and warning

Push to the phone, to prevent dangerous events.



Night vision mode, wholeheartedly guarding the night quiet

No red burst at night, no visual pollution, so quiet night without disturbing, quality is still clear; combined with silent gear running design,

Let the lens turn quietly, to the family peace of mind sleep.


10 940 nm Infrared Fill Light | Auto-Sensing Switch IR-CUT | High-Speed Sensitive Mute Motor



Desktop floating video window, real-time understanding of home dynamic

Open the floating video window, so that home is most concerned about the place, always in the forefront of mobile phones, such as the baby at all times,

Even when browsing the web, watching the news, but also real-time understanding of the baby at home dynamic.



Super wireless signal to ensure that the picture is clear and smooth

Using mobile phone antenna technology to ensure that the remote view when the picture is smooth without Caton, do not worry about the camera and the router is too far away from the signal problem,

Placed in any corner of the home, can easily connect not dropped.


Independent antenna | rebuild Wi-Fi module | optimize radio frequency



Support a variety of devices online view,

Home business two affordable

Support smart phones, tablet and TV remote view, the home and work around, anytime, anywhere you look at every place.




Three kinds of storage, to the home triple security

Support local Micro SD card storage, automatic cycle recording. Support binding millet router (built-in hard drive), a fixed daily backup data.

In case of exception, can be recorded video storage to the cloud space, well documented, triple security more peace of mind.


Intelligent butler

All-weather care for every place of life

Two-way intercom

data encryption

No sound night vision




Intimate design

Shape design refused to industrialization, unique style, one side cover and hidden T card design to make it more integrated,

Push the Reset button to highlight the intimate details.


One side mask | hidden T card | body without extra keys



Quick connect to APP, more people share view

No need for complex wiring, just three steps to quickly connect; use the smart phone can be connected to configure and manage, a key to share, many people to watch.


Download mi home APP

Will mi home intelligent camera PTZ connected power

Open the APP to find the device and connect, you can use it normally


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